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Empowerment, integrity, and transparency. In a world overrun by data, these values are often removed from the equation. Data is squirreled away and kept out of sight from many decision makers. Consumers are forced to make difficult healthcare decisions without full access to their data, and thus without a complete understanding of their decisions’ impact.

In 2018, Abett was founded to positively disrupt the healthcare industry and how it handles data. Abett’s founder, Mike Hanlon, was the seventh employee at Amazon.com. From 1995 to 2001, Hanlon helped build the foundation of one of the most successful companies in history.

Hanlon holds a PhD in Economics, and after Amazon.com he served as a Professor of Global Health at the University of Washington. In that role, he realized it would take an innovative approach and realistic solutions to tackle the problems within the US healthcare system. Hanlon wanted employers to have access to their data so that they could make informed decisions and empower them to become fierce consumers of healthcare.

With the goal of creating systematic change, Abett developed the employer Lockbox which successfully disrupts the healthcare system. It empowers consumers, and specifically employers, to control their data, and restores integrity to the business of healthcare. An employer’s Lockbox provides transparency and enables more effective healthcare spending.

Abett built a team of experienced software developers, attorneys, and healthcare experts that created the employer Lockbox to help consumers realize better outcomes at lower costs. In the United States, employers have a right to access claims data via the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Therefore, Abett works with insurance companies and health providers to deliver data to an employer’s Lockbox. Data is received and stored in a secure and legally compliant manner. As data flows in, it is encrypted both in transit and at rest for maximum security. It is processed and delivered to employers, giving them appropriate control over their benefit plans and expenditure, while adhering to HIPAA and other regulations.

From authentic and expert origins, Abett unapologetically serves healthcare consumers, specifically employers. As Abett works to expose the flaws in the US healthcare system, employers will be in a position to fiercely advocate for what they need to serve their employees. With Abett, employers are taking control of their data and becoming fierce consumers of healthcare.

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