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Abett's Vision: The Lockbox

Abett's Vision: The Lockbox

By: Bridget Keaton
August 30 2021

The Lockbox is the core of Abett's mission- to create a consumer-focused tool that enables employers to manage their journey through the healthcare ecosystem. With multi-tiered, cloud-hosted architecture, the software is programmed to securely facilitate the transfer of data while giving the employer total control over the processing and use of data. All data flowing into the Lockbox is legally owned by the employer and empowers the employer to make informed decisions and become fierce consumers of healthcare and benefits.  

How it works: 

Implemented via the AWS service of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), the Lockbox is operated by Abett and controlled by the employer. In the United States, under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), employers have the legal right to access their employee's medical data, while complying with HIPAA policies and regulations, to ensure that they provide the proper and highest quality of care. Because of this act, medical providers are legally required to provide data to the owners, the employers, rather than keep it for themselves. As data flows into the Lockbox from medical providers, the data is processed, cleaned, validated and normalized across vendors and systems. With an easy to navigate interface, the Lockbox succinctly displays data for informed decision making. The result is that employers are empowered to consume healthcare and fiercely take control of their benefit plans.   

Who uses the Lockbox: 

The Lockbox was created unapologetically for the consumer, specifically, employers.  In the United States, employers sponsor the health insurance plans for employees, retirees, and their dependents. When the health insurance data of their beneficiaries is deeply hidden in the weeds of providers, claims and third-party administrator’s networks, it becomes difficult to understand what costs cover and if the quality of care is best for the patient. The Lockbox puts the data back into the hands of the employer to provide a comprehensive archive of all data, across vendors, that is controlled and owned by the customers.  

Why use the Lockbox: 

Defined by its mission to lower healthcare costs and empower consumers to fiercely control their own data, the Lockbox is here to serve its users and positively disrupt the healthcare system.  With the understanding that the healthcare sector regularly bills its customers with little transparency, the Lockbox acts to provide users with information that is critical in having autonomy over its spending. This centralized “data store” enables employers to analyze their data and strategically utilize third-party vendors to meet their employees' healthcare needs. The Lockbox is both secure and HIPAA compliant to ensure that employers and employees are protected.