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Health Care Regulations on the Horizon

Health Care Regulations on the Horizon

By: Tim Schmuckal
April 26 2021

The federal healthcare laws and rules enacted in 2020 and 2021 are arriving and they're a lot to digest. Now more than ever, benefit managers and group health plans need support to navigate the current landscape and understand what's on the horizon.

While undeniably complex, these laws and rules are driven by a simple, familiar concept -- put the patient at the center of the healthcare experience. The law and rules target obstacles that have long frustrated benefit managers looking to improve health outcomes and lower costs for their plans and participants.  

  • Data access and price transparency

  • Gag Clauses

  • Surprise Billing

In addition to these new legal requirements, benefits managers will also need to anticipate and prepare for the ways in which their partners (e.g., brokers, TPAs, carriers) react or respond to changes that may not be welcomed in this new patient-centered world.

There is lot to keep eyes on. To help, Abett has created a visual roadmap to give key insights on what to expect.

 What to Expect in the Coming Months:

Digesting regulatory requirements and preparing for change is a journey. Keep in mind that effective dates and requirements may shift.

  • Find your go-resources for updates (newsletter, blogs and webinars)

  • Put key requirements on your calendar

  • Plan and coordinate with colleagues in other departments

  • Exchange best practices with peers

  • Get the most out of your advisers