Lockbox Implementation



The last six employer Lockbox implementations, as of March 2022:

  • Two Lockboxes were fully operational within 30 days of an executed contract.

  • Three Lockboxes were fully operational within 9 weeks.

  • One Lockbox took approximately six months to launch, for a variety of reasons.

In most cases, your Lockbox will be fully operational within a few months of executing a software licensing agreement.


The process begins with a brief kick-off meeting, in which our teams identify how Abett can best serve you and your company. Key objectives include identifying the data partners to integrate and any constraints that you want to enforce on the use of your data.


Once objectives are clear, the Abett team takes the lead and gets to work. We coordinate with data partners and implementation integrations on your behalf.  You have oversight and executive authority over the process, but Abett does the work for you. Little to no time or effort is demanded from you or your team.


Within a few months, you are in control of your data.  This new environment empowers you to create and manage a new ecosystem, in which you can more easily realize lower costs and better population health.