Data Partner Overview



The Lockbox is a platform that connects you to your client's data. Like you, Abett exists to make life better for our clients. We help our mutual clients by helping you become a more efficient operation.


We start with a brief kick-off meeting, in which our teams identify how Abett can best serve you and your company, conditional on the constraints required by the employer on the use of its data.

Key objectives include identifying how data will be transferred and the associated specifications. The Lockbox is a highly adaptable platform. It can ingest data in any specification, and publish data in specifications that you define, to suit the needs of your business.


Once objectives are clear, we get to work. This includes collaborating with you to establish a secure transfer protocol (typically, SFTP) and begin the process of sharing test files in the defined specifications. The timing and effort required during this process varies, but in many cases, it can be completed within just a few weeks.


The Lockbox environment is a faster and saner way to access your client's data. It enhances your entrée with prospective clients and simplifies future implementations. When you sign a new client that is using the Lockbox, your implementation for that client can be as simple as clicking a mouse.

“Abett is a win for everybody.”

Benefits Director, Fortune 500 employer.